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Loft-Ladder_keylite_miniWhat are the main benefits of having an integrated loft ladder?

It is ease of use. The key benefits are the installation and that anyone can access it – you are not climbing off a step ladder, reaching up into the roof space or swinging from rafters to get in. It is safer.

What is the difference between a 3 segment and 4 segment loft ladder?

The 4 segment ladder will reach up to 3.2m in height and the 3 segment ladder will reach to 2.8m in height. All loft ladders can then be cut. If your ceiling is in between these heights you would get the bigger ladder – the 4 segment one – and then cut it down to suit. If your ceiling is under 2.8m in height then you would get the 3 segment ladder and cut it down accordingly.

What is the load bearing on the loft ladders?

Our loft ladder range bears a load capacity of up to 160kg.

Do the ladders come with a gaurantee?

Yes, the entire range come with a three-year guarantee.

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